Name Origin

Williams is a Welsh word and has been in use since about 1,000 AD. It was introduced into Wales from northern Europe when William the Conqueror invaded England in the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name in Welsh is “Gwy lym.” The verb “Gwylis” means to watch. The noun of this verb “Gurlym”, (pronounced Williams) there, means a watcher, a guard, a sentinel. So, the name William or Williams translates to mean “sentinel.”

Family Motto

There has been a Williams Family “motto” handed down through the generations regarding the Lion as a symbol for the Williams family:

May all the descendants of Williams
Uphold and bear with pride
The Lion of Williams

Coat of Arms

There have been identified at least 30 different family crests or family coat of arms for Williams. Most feature a lion, with some having a moor cock or plain cock, and a few have both. These variations were used by the branches of the families of Williams throughout Wales and England from medieval times.

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